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Freelance Ghostwriting: 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Career

Each year, more and more people start using the Internet for freelance work. One of the rising professions online is freelance ghostwriting. As a writer, individuals reach out to companies and websites that need articles. They may write books, brochures or how-to guides. Before starting a career in this industry, writers should read through the following five facts.

Be Patient

On a bidding site, the writer may notice that their competition regularly earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. These writers did not achieve those earnings overnight. Often, the best paid writers have spent years working in the industry. Newbies can expect to make a safe, comfortable wage, but they will have to be patient if they want to catch the larger clients.

Prepare Proposals Carefully

Each client is different. They may have a different industry, writing style or website. Before sending off a proposal or a query letter, the writer should format it carefully. The best query letters are tailored specifically for each client. Writers should read through some of the client's current blogs or posts to get a better feel for the site.

Keep Track of Finances

In most states, writers can operate as sole proprietors without having to register their business. When it is time to do taxes, the writer will have to pay up to 40 percent of their income in taxes. To lower the tax bill, writers can deduct the cost of having an office, business cards and new laptops. If the writer plans on deducting any of these items later, they need to carefully track all of their receipts.

Save Money

Even the best writers will have slow months. Newbies should build up a nest egg when business is good. During the holidays or summer months, business may drop off. To stay financially afloat, writers may need to dip into their nest egg. Without these extra savings, the writer may end up having to return to a regular 9 to 5 job.

Be Picky

In the beginning, it is tempting to take every project that appears. Over time, ghostwriters have to learn how to be picky about the clients that they choose. Often, the lowest paying clients are actually the most demanding. For the writer, these low-paying projects end up taking up a disproportionate amount of time. Rather than waste time on low-paying projects, writers should look for clients that will pay them a decent living wage.

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