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Being A Freelance Grant Writer: Salary Rates You Should Expect To Get

If you enjoy writing grants then you might be interested in becoming a freelance grant writer. But if you do it is important to understand what salary rates you should expect. Far too many new writers will jump into the market eager to make money but they have no idea what standard salaries are and as a result they are often taken advantage of and end up being paid far too little for their work.

The salary you should expect when you start off with grant writing is contingent upon a few factors:

  • Factor #1
  • What your qualifications are. If you have never written any type of grant paperwork in your life and have to research what a grant actually is then chances are your salary will not be nearly as high as someone who has recently retired from an educational institution wherein their previous job was writing grant applications all day. If you can prove that you have experience in the field and are highly qualified then you will have the freedom to ask for higher wages.

  • Factor #2
  • What is your turn around time? Many people are interested in getting grants quickly on the internet and if you are not offering express shipping they may not be interested. If there is a time deadline associated with the job required then you need to really ask yourself if you have the free time to complete it before their deadline or not. Even if you have the skills to get the work done in two days’ time your schedule may not allow it at the last minute. That is why you need to ensure you really analyze each potential job.

  • Factor #3
  • What service you are using. If you are using a third party freelance website the salary you obtain may fluctuate. There is no oversight in an area like this so companies can offer as much or as little as they want and the choice is yours as to whether you are going to accept. If you are working for a grant writing company specifically you might be able to get a set fee per page or per hour which is non-negotiable. This is where you can really take into consideration which company may be your best bet and whether you want to work full time or part time. With part time work you may be more flexible in turning down jobs that are not offering enough money.

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