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How To Start Freelance Content Writing: Tested Strategies For Rookies

Let's face it, working for yourself at your own schedule is absolutely amazing! There's no boss looking over your shoulder, and you can work whenever it suits you. However, it may not always be as easy as you think to start a freelancing career. Luckily, we've compiled this excellent guide that's full of strategies to help rookies get started in a freelance content writing career.

How's your self-discipline?

However wonderful freelancing may sound, there are a few things that may trip you up. Firstly, as you won't have a manager to force you to work, you'll need to have excellent self-discipline. You really can't afford to waste your time or procrastinate. Secondly, without a manager to check the quality of your work, you'll have to be honest and strict with yourself about keeping the standard of your work as high as possible. Thirdly, unless you get a contract job, you won't be earning a fixed monthly salary anymore, so you'll need to be able to keep a savings account that you can dip into during quiet months. So, you need to keep all of these points on mind when you make your decision to work for yourself.

How's your writing?

Obviously, your have to be able to write if you want to follow this career path. So, compose a few pieces and assess your skill level. You can also ask people you know to give you feedback, just make sure they'll be honest with you. Once you know your ability level, you should most probably spend some time trying to improve it. Even if you're an excellent author, you'll be able to improve some aspect of your skills. Try reading a decent book on the topic, or do an online course. You can even do a course through you community college, if you'd like. Remember, there's always room for improvement.

What's your niche?

Now that you have upped your game a bit, you need to find your niche. This is basically your own personal area of expertise, and this is the best topic for you to write about. You'll already have a lot of the knowledge that you need, and your passion will improve the quality of your work. What are you good at? What are your hobbies? What are your interests? All of these questions can help you find your niche. Everyone is good at something, so go find your talent and get started!

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