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Freelance Copywriter For Hire: How To Find The Perfect Job

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to become freelancers than to work under a cranky boss with not enough salary. However, there are some things that most of young freelancers do not realize. If you used to completely depend on your boss, follow the instructions and get the salary at the end of the month, now things are going to change; you need to chase projects and to convince clients that you are worth hiring.

  • First and the most important is your profile. Even if you will make your own website, you will make account on a freelance website or you just send e-mails hoping to get projects, your profile needs to be convincing enough. Write a short description that will tell your client why he should hire you instead of others. Also, your price per hour should be written and if it’s negotiable or not.
  • Build a strong portfolio. Spend a few days writing some really good articles and use them as samples every time you have the chance to take a project. Very few clients will have the confidence to start a collaboration with a freelancer without seeing a sample of his writing.
  • Provide a picture with yourself, preferable smiling. Do not show your friends, your pet or you in a bar. The picture must show a professional, open and trustworthy person.
  • When you make an offer or a proposal for your client, always be completely honest. Do not say that you can finish the project in 3 days when you know perfectly it will take a week. Maybe you will gain this project now, but for sure your client will not take your collaboration long term. Tell him exactly what you can and can’t do, ask key questions related to the project and let him know, in a few words, what approach you plan to use.
  • Remember that your first jobs will not bring you a lot of money. It’s normal, you need to build a strong reputation among your clients until you start working constantly. Do not ask for a big price from the beginning, there is no reason why a client would pay a lot of money for a beginner when he could pay the same amount for an experienced writer.
  • When you finally get the job, never cross the deadline. It’s better to set a late deadline and to deliver the project more early than the other way around. For you, time is money and you need to respect your client’s time.

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