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Where To Search For A Good Freelance Writing Marketplace

Becoming a freelance writer is relatively easy. Becoming a successful freelance writer is a little bit more challenging. You need to land that first client - the one who will hopefully give you a great review, and the first item for you to put in your portfolio! The bigger pool of potential employers that you have to choose from, the better your chances will be to start getting work on a full-time basis. So where should you look for these bottomless pools of people just waiting to hire you? Read below for some great suggestions that even I used in the beginning when I was starting out:

  • Online job boards: Online job boards are no longer used just to find your next bartending, sales, or truck driver jobs. They are literally overflowing with jobs for writers. There are jobs in copywriting, ghostwriting, article writing, e-Book writing, website content jobs, and so many others. They vary from contract positions to full-time tele-commuting gigs. If you are interested in writing on a certain topic, narrow your search on the board by using the search term "travel writing jobs", or whatever it is you are looking for.
  • Freelance sites: There are tons of freelance sites on the internet. Some are for writers only, while others also offer IT, transcription, design, and a variety of others. To win jobs on these sites, you submit a proposal that includes your resume, what your skills are, and your bid for the job. Sell yourself really well in your proposal and you will start to get jobs eventually. As your reputation grows on the sites, you will soon find that jobs come right to you!
  • Writer's forums: A writer's forum is a place for writers to go and talk about everything related to writing - including who is hiring. You will manage to get information on places to go to submit your CV, and you will also hear very quickly about who is horrible to work for and does not pay.
  • Trade magazines: With the ease of the internet you no longer actually need to go out and buy an actual magazine. Simply go to their website and browse through the issues. There are classified ads, along with featured articles relating to writing tips and how to secure the job you really want to get. Even if you need to get a subscription to one of these online magazines, they are so invaluable that you can just consider it an investment in your literary future.

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