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How To Find The Best Freelance Writing Companies To Work For

Freelance writing can be a great chance to make some extra cash in your spare time. Moreover, it can even be a full-time job without the burden of early wake-ups and long hours at the office. The key to success is finding the jobs that pay well, that is, finding reliable employers. This is sometimes rather difficult, as the Internet is full of companies looking for cheap copywriters or fraudsters hoping to get something free.

However, the fact that there are scammers everywhere doesn’t mean you’re going to be an easy prey for them. In fact, there are many tips on how to avoid fraudsters and how to make sure a company is worth working for.

How to Increase Your Chances of Finding an Employer Who Pays Well

The first thing you should learn is that you are the one to set up a price for your services. If you agree to work for $1, you will be paid $1, and you are the only one to blame. Don’t be afraid to argue with the potential employers, and don’t let them underestimate you.

The next thing that is also important is patience. Don’t rush to work for the first company that hired you. Take your time to make the right choice.

In short, here is a step-by-step instruction on what you should do:

  • Do some research about each of your potential employers;
  • Look for reviews from people who used to work for them;
  • Find out how much each company pays and what they want to get for their money;
  • Find out what kind of texts they need and make sure you can cope with them;
  • Make a list of “pros” and “contras” of each job offer and take your time to compare them.

What to Avoid When Looking for the Jobs

One of the most popular mistakes many freelance beginners make is picking up topics everyone can write about. This is a bad option since you’re not likely to get paid a lot. Besides, you will be easy to fire and replace with any other freelance writer. To make sure it doesn’t happen, here is what you should never do:

  • Don’t count on the so-called “content farms” or other places most copywriters sell their services at.
  • Don’t hunt for the easiest topics to write on.
  • Don’t be afraid to work on some narrow topics related to your background, profession or personal interests.
  • Don’t agree for so-called “free trials” (that is, don’t agree to do the first task for free).

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