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Finding Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs Related To Agriculture

The internet has many sites writers can go to when looking for any kind of freelance work including agriculture as a topic. These sites are sometimes called content mills and although some of them don’t have the greatest reputation, there are several at the top of the heap that you can make a good name for yourself and earn a good income.

Strategies to start with

When first starting out with looking for freelance work it’s beneficial to explore all your options. An internet search for freelance jobs will certainly give you a plethora of search results. Visit each site and see how they are set up. Read the terms of service and start weeding out the ones that don’t look legitimate.

You can sign up for a writing site by making a profile and logging in to see what the available jobs are. If for some reason you don’t like what you see or the interface is clumsy to use, you can always withdraw your profile and quit the site and move on to try out the next one.

Look online for third party reviews. Read them and see what previous clients or customers gave for feedback. Remember that even with good companies there will always be a few people who leave bad reviews for whatever reason.

More places to look

Another place to find writing jobs in the agriculture field is to do a search of websites. Find a site that has a blog and see how often the blog is being updated. If the blog has been abandoned, contact the site owner and pitch them on how you can help them update their blog with your fresh new content. Send them some examples. Make them an offer on providing them with regular blog posts.

If the blog is being updated regularly, pitch the owner on the benefits of hiring you to do the work so they can have time off from the tedious process of blogging and posting on a regular basis. Many site owners are already looking for this, but just haven’t found anyone reliable yet to take over for them.

Never give up – you will find success

The big key is don’t give up. You are bound to get some no answers. Move on until you find a yes answer. Someone will hire you and you will be able to enjoy your dream job of working from home and writing for other people.

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