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Becoming A Professional Freelance Financial Writer: Basic Instructions

Financial blogs and media are in constant search for good articles, but many established freelance writers consider topics such as insurance or equities too boring to write about. If you are tempted to write for these well-paying markets where you will face very little competition, follow the steps below for a successful start.

  • Gain knowledge of finance.
  • If you have an advanced degree in finance, you can skip this step. Otherwise, take a class at your local professional society or college to become a chartered financial analyst (CFA). It will give you an understanding of the basics that is strong enough to pursue a career in financial writing, yet it does not mean you will know everything. Be ready to do additional online research to gain deeper insight into the topic of your writing gig.

  • Hone your writing skills.
  • Most financial publications pay high, but only for articles they consider to be of appropriate quality. Do not even think of approaching them if you are not sure you can produce excellent writing. Take a class in business writing, or at least any writing class that is led by a good teacher. Read books on writing by professionals in this field.

  • Offer your services to promising markets.
  • Browse the Internet for websites and blogs that provide financial advice. Identify those that accept materials from freelance writers. Borrow several recent issues of your local financial magazine from a library. Look at the topics they have recently covered, and think of several articles you could have written for them. Pitch the relevant editor with one of these topics. Offer your services to a financial company that is currently in search of a copywriter. Also, try pursuing non-traditional financial clients – trade groups with pension plans, foundations, and endowments. They are comparatively seldom contacted by job-hunting freelancers, yet they also need people to write content for their websites, blogs, and regular newsletters.

  • Analyze the writing of others in your field.
  • Subscribe to several financial publications that are considered the most authoritative in their field, e. g. national business magazines. These names might be too big to approach with your writing right away, but by reading and analyzing their articles, you will develop your skills. Look how their journalists cover financial topics, what tone and language they adopt, and how they use special terms. Learn from these true professionals in finance writing, and one day you will stand at the same level as them.

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