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What Is A Freelance Grant Writer: A Manual For Dummies

What is freelance writing? It’s accepting orders from people who need to have some texts written by professionals. What is freelance grant writing? It’s writing high-quality grant applications for people who need them. Many people are attracted to freelance writing because they get free from chains of office rules, and many people are attracted to writing grants because it’s supposed to bring good money annually.

Still, if you want to become a freelance grant writer, you need to keep in mind several important points that are listed below.

  1. Know well what a grant application is.
  2. A grant application is what helps non-profits, businesses, governmental structures and individuals secure funds for their projects. Namely, the quality of the application, its trustworthiness and persuasiveness are the factors that determine whether the applicant will or will not receive the wanted funds. Before you decide to become a freelance grant writer, you need to realize the seriousness of the assignment and your responsibility.

  3. Find out how grant applications are written.
  4. There are five main types of grant applications that are issued for: program grants that are aimed at implementation of a certain program; research grants that are given to scientists; technical support grants that are given to areas that require technical improvement; coordination grants that are given to groups that need planned cooperation; capital investment grants. All these peculiarities demand respective skills from you. You can start trying your hand at freelance grant writing only after you discover how each of these types should be written.

  5. Write a trial grant project.
  6. Try your abilities in this area of writing with the help of a local charity. Find out their needs and compose a grant application in accordance to their demands. Then, have the application read by the charity and find out whether you have coped with the task. The point is not in discovering small mistakes. The point is in getting to know whether you have the necessary skills and desire to practice this type of writing further on.

  7. Know the pricing and set your own fee.
  8. You should not think that you will receive a part of the grant: funders give grants to programs, not grant writers. Neither should you think that you receive money for expensive grants. As a rule, you spend equal time on a grant for $1,000 and a grant for $100,000. Professionals are paid for their skills and the quality of the result they can guarantee.

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