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List Of The Most Profitable Jobs For Freelance Writers

Majority of you think that the only forms of freelance writing jobs are print and web writing. For print this includes writing newspapers and magazines. There are numerous jobs and print and web are among this wide variety of jobs. Specializing in a certain field is great deal as you will establish credibility, earn referrals and build connections However, the challenge lies in choosing what will work out for you. Below is a list of the top writing jobs:


Blogging entails creating your own blog or working for a potential client, company or site. It's not only done for financial benefits but could also be used for business marketing or even gossip about celebrities. Majority of them pay as low as 10 dollars per 500 word article. However, for corporations and private clients, their pay is much higher. You can find this job opportunity in sites such as Craigslist, Probloggler, Performancing, and many more gigs. Most sites neither require any specific requirements nor a college degree.

Copy writing

The main role of copy writing is to persuade and convince readers or an audience to take a certain course of action. Mostly, the course of action is to purchase a company's products or services. Example of copy writing jobs include; advertising, direct response and page landing. The easiest way to find any kind of work in this category is by going through job boards, owner's and company's site or by personally contacting a web owner. Experience in the marketing field is necessary as well as a good language background.

Web content

A content writer is different from a copy writer, as many people often confuse the two. Web content writing entails entertaining and informing their readers with engaging information. Involve; use of key words to find content that will increase traffic to a site. No college degree is required, but for experience, it all depends on the site you plan on working with. You will find many content web sites each with their own approval policies.

Technical writing

Technical writing is ideally not meant for everyone. This is because it has its own complexities. It involves presenting a complicated project or information in a simple and easy form that can be understood by the public. You need to be focused and have a wide knowledge of the industry you are working for. Look for ads and people who hire technical writers.

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