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Recommendations On How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs In Magazines

While there are dozens of different kind of freelance writing, magazine work is one of the big ones. It’s much more cost effective for magazines to use freelance writers to generate articles and even copyedit than to keep staff writers, and it can allow them to find the best person for each individual job. If you’re interested in finding magazine jobs, follow these simple recommendation:

  1. Pick the right magazine
  2. Picking the right magazine for your unique expertise and skillset is crucial. In order for you to produce the kind of top quality work that magazines are looking for, you have be able to write the kind of articles that they are looking for. While researching the article subject can allow you to put together a great piece on something you’re not an expert on, if you’re totally out of your depth, it will show. So try to find magazine opportunities that match your skills.

  3. Put together a great portfolio
  4. When you apply for most freelance magazine jobs, they’ll expect you to submit a portfolio. This can include pieces that you’ve had published, as well as pieces you’ve written yourself. So if you’re new to it, and don’t have established work, take some time to write 5 or so sample pieces that highlight what you can do.

  5. Be persistent
  6. This is one of the most difficult things for people transitioning to freelance work. You’ll no longer have a boss to tell you what to do and when. So you’ll need to be much more persistent and even aggressive that you might normally in order to stand out and get follow through.

  7. Look for referrals
  8. If you know someone who is already established as a freelance writer with magazines, ask them to put in a good word for you. While it may not be reasonable to expect them to go out of their way to get you hired, if they ever have a client mention they are looking for a new writer, they’ll think to suggest you first.

  9. Be professional
  10. Because you’ll likely never meet any of your clients, its imperative that you be professional in your emails, as it will form their opinion of you. A big part of being professional in freelance work is to meet deadlines, especially for magazines.

  11. Cultivate repeat clients
  12. Cultivating repeat clients is the key to steady work as a magazine freelance writer. To do this, produce great work, and be sure to follow up with clients after a job ends.

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