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What Are The Common Pay Rates For Freelance Writers?

Should new writers expect to do work for low rates until they become established?

When first getting involved in the writing industry, many writers have questions as to how much they should charge. Some writers think it is beneficial to lower their rates, so as to enable them to get some experience and to build a reputation.

Whether or not a writer should lower the rates is a topic of much debate. On the one hand, some writers believe that you should not compromise the price you charge for your work as it can be detrimental to you in the long run, as well as harming the rates for other writers. It is sometimes felt that if writers are willing to work for lower rates, then it prevents established writers from getting work, as clients will choose the freelancers that offer the lower prices, thus pushing the price down.

On the other hand, there are some that writers believe that it is a good idea to lower your rates to start with, but only whilst you are building up a reputation. Ideally, once you have a couple of jobs under your belt, you should really increase the amount you charge to a level that you wish to go on at.

Different pay rates: freelance websites vs private clients

It is worth noting that writers can earn varying amounts depending on their experience, but also where they choose to source work from. For example, there are many freelance websites offering a wide range of writing jobs to new and existing writers. Many of the clients that use these websites do so because of the low rates that are charged by many of the writers. On the other hand, private clients are more willing to pay higher rates for good quality writers; however, it does involve a lot more work in order to try and find and secure paying jobs.

Establishing your own rate of pay and the importance of not undervaluing yourself

Ultimately, the amount that you should charge should cover your living costs, and any extra you want on top. Of course, this amount depends on the country that you are living in, as living costs fluctuate throughout the world. One thing is important though and that is that you should not undervalue yourself. Be prepared to charge a reasonable amount, and avoid clients that are not willing to pay the rates that you decide upon.

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