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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working As A Ghost Writer

Ghostwriting is writing under someone else’s name. It has a long history and still enjoys wide popularity nowadays. Ghost writers are usually asked to write various things – from an article to a book or a scientific study. As any other work, such a kind of occupation has its benefits and drawbacks.

The advantages of ghostwriting are:

  1. Flexible working time.
  2. You can write whenever it’s convenient for you – in the morning, during the daytime or all night long. You may take long breaks and start your working day even at midnight. No strict working hours; the only demand is to cope with the task in time.

  3. No offices.
  4. One more advantage is that you don’t have to go to the office and may work wherever you want. It’s convenient to make money not even leaving home, isn’t it? What you need is your creativity and something to write on.

  5. Less responsibility.
  6. Your only task is to write, and you don’t have to worry about readers’ attitude to your works. Even if your writing is taken badly, people will criticize the person you write for, not you.

  7. The constant improvement of writing skills.
  8. If you write regularly, you develop your writing skills. The more you work, the easier it is to write. Gradually, the quality of you writings grows better and the earnings rise as well.

There are also disadvantages of ghostwriting:

  1. Keeping in the background.
  2. If you write for somebody, you will never become famous and recognized; all your efforts and success is always ascribed to another person. However, it’s you who has chosen this way.

  3. Deadlines.
  4. Though you are free to choose, when and where to work, your client sets time limits, and thus restricts your freedom. Sometimes, it’s difficult or hardly possible to finish writing by the time set. Anyway, you have to.

  5. Much effort.
  6. Very often, writing an order takes much time and effort. The kinds of writing often vary – from a website content to a thesis; the subjects are various as well. Sometimes, you are practically ignorant of the thing you are supposed to write about, and getting acquainted with the subject takes more time than writing.

  7. No stability.
  8. You have freedom to work as it is convenient for you; on the other hand, such kind of earning money is not always stable (unlike work in the office). Sometimes, you have no clients and stay without work and money.

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