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How To Become A Freelance Lyric Writer: Making The First Steps

Ever since music videos became popular and changed the industry, the sound and look of a recording artist has become more important than the person who wrote the lyrics to the song. Fortunately, this has come as a lucrative opportunity for songwriters as there are more songwriting jobs these days and even a greater role for song-writers and lyric writers in the music industry. Although many recording companies, artist management companies, music production companies and music publishers will at times hire lyricists to create or write new lyrics and songs for their artists and producers to create new hits, they still get a lot of songs and lyrics from freelance lyric writers and song writers. In case you have a passion for music and want to become a songwriter, here are a few tips on how to become a freelance lyric writer.

Have a Passion for Music

Writing lyrics is not a job for everyone. In order to become a freelance lyricist, you need to be passionate about music. Additionally, you need to be creative enough to come up with good lyrics. Before you get into writing lyrics for others, you need to consider whether you have the talent and interest. Without these things, you are bound to fail because writing music is more of an art that requires in born talent.

Know Who Needs Lyrics

Once you feel that you are passionate enough about writing music, you need to find people in the industry who need lyrics and songs. Knowing which artists and recording companies need lyrics and new songs can be all that distinguishes those who write songs for their own pleasure and those who write lyrics for money. On the bright side, there are numerous music artists who do not write the lyrics to their songs. You should put a lot of effort in knowing and finding artists and music production companies that are looking for new lyrics and songs. Additionally, try to find out which artists don’t write their songs.

Copyright your Lyrics

After finding artists who need lyrics, it is always good to ensure that you include a copy of your copyright certificate whenever you are submitting the lyrics so that the artist will know that the lyrics are original, and that you are the creator and owner of the lyrics. This will also protect you from theft and protect your ownership rights and royalty rights.

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