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Vital Things To Remember About Freelance Review Writing

What Is Freelance Review Writing?

Freelance review writing dictates the writer to write positive product or service reviews for a company. These reviews can be published in an online shopping site, a blog or a third-party vendor’s site. If you are writing a paid review, then obviously you have to stress upon the positive points.

Things to Remember In Freelance Review Writing

  • Don’t Overestimate The Technical Knowledge Of The User
  • Suppose if you are writing a product review for an electronic product, then don’t assume that your potential user is a pro in handling electronics appliances throughout his/her life. You should start by illustrating how easy the user-interface is. Write it in such a tone that even if the consumer is using it for the first time - he/she should felt encouraged by your guidance.

  • Research About The Product
  • If you are into freelance product review writing and are directly commissioned by the company to write about the product, then most likely, you are going to receive the dummy product beforehand. In this case, it would be easier for you to write the review after doing a solid research. If you don’t receive the product, then obviously you need to study about it doubly hard to get the correct info.

  • Don’t Forget To Make A Introduction Of The Brand
  • Whether you are writing the review in your own blog or in a third party vendor’s site, don’t ever forget to spare few lines to narrate the foundation history and the line of specialty of the company. Even if the brand is world renowned, you shouldn’t miss the point by assuming everybody knows about the brand- thus it needs no introduction. But don’t go over-board in praising the brand. You need to only state the facts and not sound like a sycophant.

  • Don’t Dwell Upon The Negatives
  • No company wants to see its own product being thrashed in an online site by the company’s paid reviewer. If you think that the product has some room to improvement, first talk to the company’s marketing department (or any other department that has hired you) - whether they want some constructive review or not. If they are not wiling upon it, then forget the points.

  • Put A Personal Touch
  • Again it depends upon the type of brief you receive from the company, but putting a personal touch in your review actually helps it immensely. If you are reviewing a cosmetics product, then writing few lines about how it changed your look- will boost up the reader to purchase the product.

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