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Where to find proper freelance writer’s resume samples

If you want to become a freelance writer but aren’t sure how to write a proper resume for the job you want, you’re in luck because there are many resources to help you develop an effective resume!

If you are freelancing on an established website that connects clients and freelancers, one place you could turn to for information about writing an effective resume is the help center for that site. Help centers usually cover topics such as how to create an account, how to search for clients, and how to manage your account. The help section will also give you tips for how to create an effective profile (your online resume).

Another area of the freelancing website you could take advantage of is the community platforms or user discussions. Here you can ask your own questions to other freelancers and clients about what has worked for them or where they have found helpful information on resume-writing. You can also search existing discussion threads for information that has already been posted by other users.

A great way to find actual examples of freelance resumes is by looking at other freelancers’ profiles and resumes on freelancing website(s). Try searching for freelancers in your field who have good feedback from clients. Compare these freelancers’ resumes and profiles to each other and look for commonality.

If you want to create a hard-copy resume to upload or distribute for freelancing work or want information outside of what is available to you on a freelancing website, there are many more resources available to you. A basic web search will return tens of thousands of results. Some basic advice: include creative content but stick to a traditional resume format, organize by skill and chronology, include your best and most recent work experience, list freelance experience first and then move to traditional work experience, explain the services you provide, add in your education or training, and provide a list of any references and testimonials you have received.

There are other things you can do to set your resume apart from the pile. Do you have examples of your work online somewhere? For instance, if you want to be a writer, do you have a blog? If so, add the URL (web address) to your resume. Do you have articles published for an online publication? Add links to those articles. Did you self-publish a book on Amazon? Include a link to the Amazon page. Anything that demonstrates either your work will help you get noticed by prospective clients, so add whatever you think is relevant, but don’t get too bogged down in details on your resume. Try to keep your resume brief, relevant, and recent!

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