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What Is Freelance Magazine Writing: Instruction For Starters

Okay, so if you are thinking about embarking upon a career in freelance writing, and in particular magazine writing but are wondering how you should get started, then you have come to the right place! Submitting to magazines is a whole different ball game from say for example, registering with the big online websites. Magazines have been around forever and there is an established protocol as to how you should submit. There are also hundreds of Ezines – online magazines just begging for interesting and engaging content.

Here are some foolproof instructions to help you along the way:

  • Research your target market
  • Before you start tapping enthusiastically away at the keyboard, you need to remember that while many may fall into a particular genre, each magazine is different and their submission requirements will vary too. Maybe you want to write for a lifestyle magazine (Very popular choice!) Or perhaps, you have a specialist hobby that you can write about. Whatever, the subject just make sure you take some time to conduct your research.

  • Narrow the field
  • Unlike with the big online freelance sites where my advice would be to apply for as much work as you possibly can, with magazine writing you need to narrow the field down so that the process doesn’t overwhelm you. Select no more than a dozen publications that you are interested in and then look them up online. A lot will have their submission process readily available.

  • Read the criteria carefully
  • Many editors are pernickety about their requirements and the last thing that you want is to end up in the reject bin before you even get started. Don’t be tempted to presume that you know what the requirements are, or just skim read them. Read them thoroughly and then read them again.

  • Follow the criteria to the letter
  • You would be amazed by just how many people seem to find this task difficult. If it says that they want their submissions in double line spacing, then why on earth would you think it acceptable to send it in single? Likewise, if they say they will only accept email submissions, why would you put your work in the mail? Don’t put obstacles in your way. A lot of editors will make the criteria quite intricate just to filter out the chaff.

  • Send a professional covering letter
  • A lot of editors gripe about the fact that while most writers take the time to proofread their work, they get very lax with their cover letters. Often just dashing one off. You need to view this as a whole package on which you are going to be judged. Your cover letter has to be able to stand alone and sell you just as much as your article or story does.

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