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Freelance Writing For Newspapers: How To Upgrade Your Skills

One of the ways to earn money as a freelance writer is to write articles for periodicals. While being a risky business, it offers a lot of perspectives. Successful journalists can earn a substantial fee for their articles, so this field of work attracts a lot of attention. Here you are, a beginning freelance writer who wants to find a future in journalism. You have started writing, but things are happening not fast enough, and at some point you start asking yourself whether you have what it takes, but don’t give up. Here are some tips that hopefully can get you better skills.

  1. Improve your writing.
  2. Writing and composing skills are one of the most important things in this line of work. You can compose a nice article, but if the writing is not good enough, it will end up in an editor’s trash folder (that’s where the majority of freelance correspondence ends up). That’s why you should work on your grammar, punctuation, attend a writer’s society, etc.

  3. Don’t forget to read.
  4. Reading is as important as writing. Not only does it provide you with information you need for your articles, but also give you some new and fresh solutions on how to write them. Fresh and new articles will be accepted and paid for.

  5. Write as much as you can.
  6. Write about whatever you can, whenever you can, on any available topic, for any available publisher. It may not be the best option for earning money, but it can help you build up reputation, and in turn, a good reputation can get you a good offer.

  7. Defend yourself.
  8. Prepare yourself to be rejected countless times, and train yourself not to be upset about it. Consider your career as a battlefield, where you constantly have to fight for your money and reputation. Send multiple (or the same) pitches to various editors to see who bites first. Eventually you will have your base and connections established, so you can begin dominating. Consider the fact that there is a tremendous crowd of freelance journalists waiting for their piece of the pie, so keep yourself focused at all times. You should never fold.

  9. Write uniquely.
  10. Respectable editors don’t pay for outdated information and unproven rumors (unless it’s yellow press). You should consider that an editor is interested in getting the latest information here and now. So, the best thing is to provide a unique and fresh article before anyone else even thinks of lifting a pen.

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