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How To Stay Safe And Get A Good Freelance Job Online

Getting a good freelance job online is easy but like most online jobs it is easy to also get scammed. There are people out there that like to take advantage of writers. They hire them for work and after the work is done, they use their work and then don’t pay them. And they usually disappear without a trace. But there are some ways that you can spot if a job is safe to do and places you can go to find a good freelance writing job.

How To Find A Job And Stay Safe

  • You want to start your search at freelance communities and social media to try to find clients. Places like Elance and Odeak are a good place to start but you can also find jobs on social media as well. If you have LinkedIn then you know that writers have their own groups and they are a great way to find clients. Remember that you have to do the work, you can’t expect to find a job if you don’t look for one.

  • I’m sure you have heard the phrase of too good to be true and in looking for a freelance job it’s true. If a see a job that offers you five hundred dollars a day or making over one hundred thousand dollars a year, it is probably a scam and they probably want an investment, which means they are going to take your money and not give you work. Use common sense when you are applying for jobs, it is doesn’t sound right then don’t apply to it.

  • Never give out any personal information to people on the Internet. When you are sending out your resume, it should just have your first and last name, phone number, and your email. That is all the personal information they should need from you. Don’t tell them your social security number, bank account information, birth date, and so on. They could use that information to steal your identity or worst.

  • Remember that there are thousands of other people probably applying to the same jobs as you, so it might take awhile to get a response back. Keep looking until you find a job, you could apply to a hundred places before you hear back from one. The best way to find a good freelance job is to apply until you get one.

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