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Freelance Writing Jobs: What Are The Most Popular Career Fields?

Writing can be done in all manner of different styles and genres. It’s no different as a freelancer. There will, of course, be some fields that attract far more people than others. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Article Writing
  • The internet has a voracious appetite for articles and clients have different standards of quality. This means that some clients will hire people to put together articles that a trained monkey could possibly write while others require such fine works of prose that they might as well hire the bard himself. With this range, many people feel comfortable in this niche.
  • Ghost blogging
  • If every busy person in the world actually blogged about their own experiences, why they wouldn’t have nearly as much time to enjoy themselves. That’s where ghost bloggers come in. For a fee, they take disjointed barely legible notes and transform them into witty blog posts which are then posted under the client’s name. This field is popular because it doesn’t even require that much research. Unless the client hasn’t done anything and wants you to fabricate the whole thing from scratch.
  • Content creation
  • At times, article writing comes under this heading as well, but for our purposes, take this to mean the creation of content to fill in the spaces on a customer’s website. For every commercial website you’ve ever been on, someone has had to painstakingly or lovingly choose every single word. With enough skill, this could be you.
  • Ghost writing
  • This involves the writing of entire novels or short stories that will end up being published under someone else’s name. With the effort it takes to do through research and attain word counts that sometimes number in the hundreds of thousands, why does anyone do that? The answer is complex. Some people don’t want to be associated with the types of novels they write. Others simply lack the time or the motivation to engage in high level promotional activities. Either way, many people flock to this field so watch out for low wages.
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • This may not seem like an aspect of writing but when you receive a piece of work that is exceptionally poorly done, you will basically end up rewriting it. Many people want to write in English but lack the fluency to do so. This leaves the field wide open to freelancers who can save the day.

These only represent a sliver of the freelance industry which you can become a part of.

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