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A Guide To Freelance Writing: How To Compose A Cover Letter Properly

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is getting very popular among people of all ages. The youngsters, especially are considering it very seriously to go along with their job and the other professional job that they are already doing. It is because of the flexibility of the job as they can arrange a schedule according to their comfort or maybe they can find a job which requires a part time writer or someone who is able to give quality time over the weekend. People do get very excited with the opportunity and make their online profile with great enthusiasm. But, soon they realize that the task isn’t that easy as it looks. They struggle in getting their first job which is the normal case with all the writers. It is because you do not have experience and clients want people who can get them the job done without compromising over quality. One good way to attract client is to offer lower rates than what is already prevailing as an average rate on the portal. Further, there are several other clients that are looking for low cost writers due to their limited budget. The one thing that is important here is that you must be consistent and determined to find your job. Sooner or later one day you will succeed if you have done the basic right. The cover letter composition would define your fate that you get your job or not. This is the place which you have to effectively utilize to impress the client.

Suggestions for writing a cover letter:

Cover letter or proposal is specific to the particular job you are applying so it can never be the same for every job.

You need to have a fresh, unique and the right approach for writing your cover letter. The following tips might help you:

  • Pay attention to the details in the job post and write your cover letter accordingly.
  • As it is a writing job, so the client would have a good look at your writing style so be careful with your grammar and sentence structure.
  • Try to use your plus points which can be your academic degree or your past relevant experience.
  • Give him assurance of top quality work with good turnaround time.
  • Offer some negotiable terms if you think that the job is suitable for you.

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