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How to Find Good Freelance Writing Jobs Online: A Manual for Starters

There are many different freelance writing jobs available online. In the beginning, writers will spend most of their time bidding on projects and learning how to find the best jobs. To get a head start on the job hunt, writers should use the following tips.

Writing for Free Is a Recipe for Disaster

One of the common writing scams is the free sample. A client will ask the writer to submit a sample on a specific topic. Afterward, the client goes to other writers and asks for other free samples. In the end, they get their project completed without ever having to hire an actual writer. A legitimate company will never ask the writer to work for free. If they desire a specific sample, they will pay the writer to do it.

Job Leads Should Be Free

Clients want writers and will never require the writer to pay for a job. Any subscription service or website that requires a payment is a scam. Another version of this scam is to offer payment for the number of views an article receives. This version of payment is not precisely a scam, but it is unfavorable for the writer. The pay-per-click or view projects will give the writer only a small fraction of the money that the client receives. Additionally, it would take the writer months or years to have enough articles to ever make a decent level of income.

Use Internships

Getting started as a new freelance writer can be difficult. Without examples and a portfolio, the writer may be unable to find clients. One of the easiest ways to get experience in the field is to begin an internship. Although it means that the writer will have to work for free, it is basically an inexpensive way to gain a work history and a portfolio. To look for an internship, writers can start by researching companies in their field. Non-profit organizations and beginning websites will often want to hire interns because they lack the funds to hire writers.

Start a Website

Many people choose to start a website to make money. In addition to potential revenue, a website is a great way for writers to experiment with SEO, keywords and marketing. It also will serve as a digital portfolio. This website can help the writer to reach out to potential clients. It demonstrates what the writer is capable of. If the website ends up earning money, the writer could even do it as their full time job.

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