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Scholarship Freelance Writers: How To Get Good Results Quickly

With any freelance writing, it can be difficult to reap the rewards very quickly: Mostly, the career progression is rather a slow one, starting off with low-paid, easy jobs and only gradually getting to what you really want to do. Written here are ways to get good results slightly more quickly for scholarship freelance writers.

Create an incredible portfolio and C.V.

In order to make yourself more desirable as an employee, you need to demonstrate your skills extensively. You need to have examples of academic writing, fiction, non-fiction, blog writing, and technical writing. Anything and everything you can do, include it in your portfolio. Sometimes, the best way to do this is to do voluntary work, or work for very little pay or work just for good references from employers. It can be tough for a while, but doing a lot of this very early on will mean you start reaping the rewards a lot quicker than if you just take lots of low-paid, simple jobs, the work of which you cannot really put in your portfolio. Just stick with it and stay strong: you’ll get there!

Go for any and all jobs you want

Once you have created your incredible portfolio and C.V., it’s time to start applying to plenty of different types of freelance writing jobs. This is where you need to start applying for all the sorts of jobs you would actually like to start doing: better paid and more challenging jobs. Since you have now got a lot of work to show employers to demonstrate your skills, as well as great feedback and references from plenty of different clients, you can start asking for more money for your work and start trying to get harder work.


This is possibly the most important part of becoming a freelance writer: knowing people. Hopefully, you will have worked with very many different clients, both companies and individuals, who might be able to recommend you to other employers looking for freelance writers. Always remember to tell your employers that you are willing to do work for their friends and sister companies, should they need it, and hopefully from there your client base should grow exponentially. In this sort of work, you will get a lot of work through recommendations and through knowing particular people, so remember to always be kind and polite and project the right image of yourself in your business work.

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