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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs: Do's And Don'ts For Beginners

Working as a freelance writer could be lucrative, provided you are smart…

Who is a freelance writer?

The term freelance typically refers to the provisioning of services by any agent or entity for a specific term or work basis against the payment of money for the specific task only.

Unlike full time employed writers, freelance writers are not on the company payroll, but are paid only for the services rendered. This saves the company a lot of money.

This also means that the writers can work for any number of companies at a given time depending upon their own capabilities, so its really a question of how much the writer can work.

The do’s and don’ts for beginners looking to work as freelance writers

Working freelance could prove to be a great opportunity for smart and proactive writers, who can work easily with a varying group of subject matters, or can research well on subjects they don’t know much about.


  • Be honest about your skills. If you lie about your skills, or exaggerate your expertise or skills, then it would show on the work. The gap between the expectation of the employer, and the work that you will produce would thus have only negative consequences for you.
  • Tomorrow never dies, but always prefer today. You don’t know if you will be able to write a big assignment on time if you leave it till the last night to complete it. It is very easily visible in your work, when you do all of it at 2:00 AM the night before the date of submission.
  • Follow rules, guidelines, outlines or points given to you by your employer. The employer obviously gave you the rules, guidelines, outlines or points for a very specific reason. And they would expect to see the work according to what they want, not what may seem good to you. The boss is always right.


  • Do not overplay your hand when it comes to bargaining for charges. If you are a veteran writer who has worked for several years and is know across the industry to have a good reputation, then you can charge whatever you want, as you are desired. But as a beginner, don’t overplay the bargaining game. The employer will find other fish in the pond.
  • Do not commit grammatical or lexical errors. While the employer may not have the best language skills, they will not expect anything short of excellence since they are paying you to work the work.

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